New Trends in Disclosure. MyLogIQ teams up with EY & FERF on “Disclosure effectiveness in action: companies make great strides.”

Disclosure effectiveness has been generating a lot of buzz. Forward-thinking enterprises are creating innovative approaches to the presentation of key metrics in disclosures, particularly in MD&A and Risk Factors. The world is taking notice. As you might imagine, we at MyLogIQ love a good trend. We’re a bit obsessed with disclosure data. So we teamed up with EY & FERF and supplied key data and metrics for the recently published report “Disclosure effectiveness in action: companies make great strides.” The full report can be found in our recent article, linked below. Our intelligent algorithms curated, sorted, and analyzed disclosures pulled from S&P 500 companies. Our data clearly shows new trends…

Click on the picture below to view our full article with a link to the report:
New Trends in Disclosure

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