Trump and Administration: Risk Factor for Hundreds of Companies

MyLogIQ study reveals that, in the last 90 days, 538 public companies have disclosed Donald Trump and his administration as a risk factor in their SEC filings. A large increase since weeks after the election, when only two companies were disclosing, then president-elect, Trump as a risk factor.

Many of these companies are in the Manufacturing and Finance, Insurance & Real Estate sectors, as shown in the chart below.

While all industries were included in our study, we have disclosed the top 7 and the number of companies, for said industries, who disclosed Trump as a risk factor below.

MyLogIQ searched through hundreds of SEC filings and though distinct industries are impacted differently by the Trump administration, a consistent factor for all industries was uncertainty.

Examples of those disclosures are shown below.

CTI BIOPHARMA CORP (CTIC) – Pharmaceutical Preparations

“Additionally, uncertainty and speculation regarding the possible repeal of all or a portion of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act has emerged after the recent election of the President of the United States. Members of the Trump administration, including the President, have made statements suggesting the administration plans to seek repeal of all or portions of the Affordable Care Act, and have stated that they will ask Congress to replace the current legislation with new legislation. The uncertainty this causes for the healthcare industry could also adversely affect the commercialization of our products.”

YUMA ENERGY, INC. (YUMA) – Crude Petroleum & Natural Gas

“The direction of future U.S. climate change regulation is difficult to predict given the current uncertainties surrounding the policies of the Trump Administration.”

EQUINIX INC (EQIX) – Real Estate Investment Trusts

“Implementation of the Clean Power Plan was stayed by the Supreme Court pending resolution of the underlying legal challenges, and the future of the Clean Power Plan under President Trump’s administration is uncertain in any event.”

METLIFE INC (MET) – Life Insurance

“In addition, the impact on global capital markets, the economy and MetLife of the transition occurring in the United States government and the priorities of the Trump Administration is uncertain.”

QUALITY SYSTEMS, INC (QSII) – Services-Computer Integrated Systems Design

“The results of the 2016 Congressional and Presidential elections have created new uncertainties. President Donald Trump and leaders of the 115th Congress have stated their intention to make significant changes to existing healthcare laws and regulations, but the future outlook for the various healthcare reform proposals under discussion remains uncertain.”

LAKELAND BANCORP INC (LBAI) – State Commercial Banks

“President Donald Trump has stated that he intends to relax financial regulations, including various provisions of the Dodd-Frank Act and the rules implementing those provisions. The nature and extent of future legislative and regulatory changes affecting financial institutions remains very unpredictable at this time.”

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