New ISS Policy a Warning Shot for Boards That Play ‘Fast and Loose’

Agenda – A Financial Times Service Article Written by Amanda Gerut That Uses MyLogIQ Data – By Amanda Gerut December 22, 2017

A new policy by ISS, the proxy advisor firm, geared toward reining in excessive pay among boards could also result in greater scrutiny of board perquisites or pay elements that ISS views as problematic, particularly for companies planning to seek shareholder approval of director pay.

Charitable match programs are by far the most common director perquisite among the largest companies and often represent the only perquisite remaining in director compensation programs. Among the largest 200 companies by revenue, 50% of boards provide charitable gift perks to directors.

A look at recent matching charitable-gift disclosures using SEC compliance and public company intelligence provider MyLogIQ shows that matching-grant programs in place for directors currently range from about $500 to $30,000.

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